Getting Started

In order to give you the best help & support online 24/7, check out the most relevant & known FAQ's that related to all technical issues, account issues and payment. So you will be able to keep and being the first with our newest real mp3's in your phone!

If you still not answered to your Question, you can always contact our support team via detailed email.
1. What is Ringostation?
Ringostation is the best place on the internet to find cool ringtones and beautiful wallpaper for your cell phone. We have an enormous collection of over 3 Million ringtones which means if there is a ringtone you want, odds are we've got it! In addition to our awesome collection of ringtones, we are also proud to offer over 10,000 different wallpapers that are guaranteed to make your cell phone look like a million bucks. There is a reason we called our site Ringostation. It's a fun place to be and we're sure you'll agree!
2. How does Ringostation Work?
Got your eye on a ringtone or wallpaper? That's were we come in! Getting a ringtone or wallpaper file from our website to your cell phone is a snap. After you've created your account and subscribed to one of our packages, you can quickly and easily start downloading the file of your choice via the following methods: Text Messaging, from our mobile site (, USB cable, or via Bluetooth.
3. Is Ringostation compatible with my cell phone?
Ringostation is compatible with most current mobile/cell phones (including iPhone and Android devices) and supports carriers all over the world.
4. How do I sign up?
Click on the 'sign up' link on the right hand side of the homepage, fill in your information and click submit. Complete the sign up form on the next screen and select the download package of your choice. That's it!
5. What is a ringtone?
A ringtone is a 10-30 second audio clip that plays whenever you receive a telephone call.
6. What is an Mp3 ringtone?
Mp3 is the most popular music file format. It delivers rich sound and is compatible with virtually all cell phones made over the last two years. Most of the songs on your iPod or computer are in Mp3 format.
7. How do I download to more than one phone?
Managing a multiple cell phone account with Ringostation is very simple. First, make sure you have subscribed to the unlimited downloading to three cell phones for 6 months package.
  • Sign in to your Ringostation user account and add/change the number of your choice on the right side, under account details.
  • Click on the download link (blue/red arrow) next to the ringtone that you wish to download.
  • Enter the "My Downloads" page.
  • Click on the SMS button next to the ringtone that you wish to download.
  • A new screen will appear with a list of the numbers that you have added. Check the box next to the desired phone and confirm.
8. Is paying by Credit Card safe?
Paying by Credit Card at Ringostation is 100% safe. At no time do we or anybody else have access to your credit information. All transactions are handled safely by the financial institutions themselves. In addition to these safety measures, we also employ the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol which keeps the information you send to your credit card provider safe from online thievery and other malicious practices.
9. What kind of subscriptions do you have?
We have two subscriptions for you to choose from:
  • A three-month subscription of unlimited downloads to a single phone for $14.97 - in a one-time charge.
  • A six-month subscription of unlimited downloads to three phones for $17.94 - in a one-time charge.
The six-month subscription will renew automatically at $17.94 every six months until cancelled, the three-month subscription will renew automatically at $14.97 every three months until canceled. We do not charge per month or per ringtone.
10. Do you have ringback tones?
Unfortunately we do not offer ringback tones at this time.
11. How do I cancel my membership?
Please go to on your computer and then click on the account details on the main page.