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Putting the funkiest tunes and pics on your phone is an absolute breeze!

Ringostation has the biggest collection of MP3 ringtones on the Web. We've got over 3 Million mp3 ringtones. That's right, 3 Million songs on your phone with quality that matches real songs!

Here's how you can start downloading you favorite ringtones and wallpaper in less than five minutes:

1. Choose Your Subscription

You can download these high quality ringtones and much more, right here at Ringostation! has two great membership subscriptions that will not wreak havoc on your budget. Just pick your subscription and...
2. Register

Sign up, tell us your phone details and get ready to start downloading!

3. Download

You can download directly from the mobile site using internet enabled phone.

If you don't have an internet enabled phone then fortunately you're not out of the loop. You can still use SMS/Text Messaging.

Choose the ringtone or wallpaper that you want to download and click 'Send'. We'll add your selection to your "My Downloads" folder and send you a SMS/Text Message with your ringtone.

Don't have Text Messaging or Internet access? We also offer USB and Bluetooth services for easy file transfering from your home computer to your cell phone. With four different ways to easily download an unlimited amount of ringtones and wallpapers, (that's right, we said unlimited), Ringostation is sure to make you the envy of your neighborhood, school, or even workplace.

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