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Jamie Foxx has been around the music world and acting for long years, since the early 90s, but it was only in recent ears that he has become a star on international level. In his music career, it was Jamie Foxx performances of Ray Charles songs on the big screen as well as hip hop collaborations with Kanye West, most notably, reaching the top of the singles charts (and remaining there for months) with Gold Digger, the 2006 hit single.

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  • Blame It (On The Alcohol) (feat. T-Pain) Jamie Foxx
  • She Got Her Own (feat. Ne-Yo and Fabolous) Jamie Foxx
  • Just Like Me (feat. T.I) Jamie Foxx
  • Winner (Feat. T.I.) Jamie Foxx
  • Fall For Your Type (Feat. Drake) Jamie Foxx
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